Peter Pan Cast List

On behalf of the Kids At CP team, we would like to thank everyone for sharing your talents with us and for giving us your time at the auditions.

Please email to accept or decline your role in our production. Make sure you state your full name and your role in the email. The first read through will be Sunday, July 24th at 7:00PM. Parents will need to attend this rehearsal for the first 30 minutes to go over procedures and expectations.  We expect the read through to be completed by 9:00PM.

Mikayla Bailey: Adrina

Colin Becker: Chubby

Cali Boxozyk: Indian chorus

Kelianne Burgess: Nana

Robert Burgess: Brave Pine

Alison Burke: Noodler

Helana Campbell: Brave Oak

Malina Chappius: Silvermist

Sophia Chiari: Crocodile

Cecil Crowell: John

Jack Darischuk: Skunk

Jared Deshields: Chief Tiger Bamboo

Amanda Ellis: Jukes

Andrea Ellis: Murphy

Abigail Elwell: Wendy

Sophia Everingham: Indian Chorus

Julianna Giordano: Vidia

Christian Harridan: Peter Pan

Gabrielle Iwaszkiewiez: Indian Chorus

Anna Johns: Rosetta

Lauren Kavanagh: Aquata

Madelyn Kavanagh: Fawn

Ian LeDent: Lost Boy Chorus

Jacob Maldonado: Michael

Logan Marciano: Tinkerbell

Drake Muicheid: Lost Boy Chorus

Abigail Owens: Atina

Bobby Owens: Lost Boy Chorus

Amanda Pescatore: Flint

Lauren Pescatore: Cookson

Hillary Peotsch: Hop

Gabriella Prato: Lyria

Steven Reeves: Lost Boy Chorus

Andrew Rock: Mr. Darling

Ava Santos: Raccoon Twin

Juliana Santos: Raccoon Twin

Alan Sasdelli: Pirate Chorus

Kylie Stipes: Adella

Desire Suarez: Iridessa

Seth Suppi: Foxy

Trista Suppi: Brave Shrub

Brianna Sutton: Allana

Chloe Swift: Arista

Zhoei Travis: Skylights

Adryanna Valentin: Tigar Lily

Madison VanMeter: Mermaid Chorus

Robert Williams: Captain Hook

Samantha Williams: Mrs. Darling

King Witherspoon: Smee